Issue 65 of INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM JOURNAL Published Winter 1994 Copyright © International Socialism

 I N T E R N A T I O N A L 
A quarterly journal of socialist theory


FREDERICK ENGELS, the lifelong collaborator of Karl Marx, helped to develop the most effective and coherent theory of socialism the working class movement has ever seen.

But in the one hundred years since Engels' death his ideas have been distorted out of all recognition both by the rich and powerful and by the Stalinist tradition.

Engels' centenary provides the opportunity to recover the genuine socialist tradition through the work of one of its most gifted representatives.

LINDSEY GERMAN Frederick Engels: life of a revolutionary introduces readers to the events which shaped Engels and his ideas.

JOHN REES' Engels' Marxism replies to those who accuse Engels of distorting Marx's ideas and of laying the foundations of reformism and Stalinism.

CHRIS HARMAN'S Engels and the origins of human society looks at Engel's work on human evolution, the rise of class society and the roots of women's oppression.

PAUL McGARR'S Engels and natural science examines scientific development against the background of Engels' ideas.

Editor: John Rees.

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