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A quarterly journal of socialist theory


RUSSIA'S CRISIS reached new depths with Boris Yeltsin's bloody suppression of Chechnya. He won the battle but may have lost the war to hold on to his presidency. Dave Crouch writes from Moscow, assessing the liberals' political, economic and social record and showing how they have prepared the ground for forces to their right, including Russia's increasingly vociferous Nazi organisations. Finally he looks at how workers' organisations are placed to resist the rise of the right.

LAW AND ORDER have been the watchwords of the right in the industrialised countries for a generation. Social Democratic and Labour parties seem to have accepted the right's terms of debate--just at the moment when the United States is experiencing a catastrophic failure in law enforcement. American socialist Phil Gasper provides a devastating exposé.

BRITISH POLITICS is dominated by the rightward shift of Tony Blair's 'new Look' Labour Party and the continued crisis of the Tory government. Alex Callinicos reviews the poverty of the Labour modernisers' thought and Judy Cox examines the withering of Tory party membership. Taking the longer view, Eric Hobsbawm's panorama of the 20th century, Age of Extremes, informs and infuriates in not quite equal measure, argues John Rees.

MATEWAN IS one of the finest films about working class struggle. John Newsinger pays tribute to its maker, John Sayles, but also uncovers the equally heroic struggles which surrounded the events that made it to celluloid. International Socialism 61 opened a debate on jazz. Here Charlie Hore brings the discussion to a close with a reply to his critics, whose views appeared in International Socialism 64.

IRISH POLITICS are obviously at a turning point. Pat Riordan's Bookwatch provides a guide.

Editor: John Rees. Assistant editors: Alex Callinicos, Chris Harman, John Molyneux, Lindsey German, Ann Rogers, Colin Sparks, Mike Gonzalez, Peter Morgan, Ruth Brown, Mike Haynes, Judy Cox and Rob Hoveman.

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