Issue 69 of INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM JOURNAL Published Winter 1995 Copyright International Socialism

International Socialism


THE BALKAN war has pitted one group of brutal ethnic cleansers against another, at enormous cost to the Muslim, Croat and Serbian peoples of the area. Lindsey German argues that with the massively increased military aid now being given to the Bosnian-Croat alliance by the United States and NATO a watershed has been reached in the conflict. This turn of events has left many of those socialists who previously supported the Bosnians and the Croats facing the unpalatable truth that these governments are as willing as the Serbs to employ the methods of ethnic cleansing once they gain the advantage over their enemies. Duncan Blackie examines the left's record and finds it wanting.

CLASS IS still the factor which dominates life in modern Britain. In a complementary series of articles Nicolai Gentchev looks at the Tories' latest excuse for attacking the welfare state and explodes the myth of welfare dependency. Judy Cox examines the class structure which lies behind the widening gap between rich and poor and Peter Morgan reviews a new TUC report and reveals a more optimistic picture of union strength than most media commentators and establishment politicians admit.

ANDY DURGAN was an historical adviser on Ken Loach's acclaimed film about the Spanish Revolution, Land and Freedom. In this quarter's Bookwatch he supplies a comprehensive readers' guide to one of the turning points of the 20th century.

REVIEWED IN the journal is a history of the Communist Party and the trade unions, a biography of Thomas Paine and developments in class struggle in the city of Sheffield.

Editor: John Rees. Assistant editors: Alex Callinicos, Chris Harman, John Molyneux, Lindsey German, Colin Sparks, Mike Gonzalez, Peter Morgan, Ruth Brown, Mike Haynes, Judy Cox, Adrian Budd, Ian Goodyer, Mark O'Brien and Rob Hoveman.

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