Issue 77 of INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM, quarterly journal of the Socialist Workers Party (Britain) Published December 1997 Copyright International Socialism


DRUGS ARE the social issue around which many a moral panic was organised during the Tory years. But now, with the appointment of a 'drugs tsar' and the absolute refusal to consider the case for the legalisation of cannabis, New Labour looks set to continue the Tory approach. Audrey Farrell's timely article carefully examines the physical effects of various drugs, the political use made of the drugs issue by the right, and makes the socialist case for decriminalisation.

CHE GUEVARA is still a symbol of resistance - and for good reason: he represents one of the few revolutions to have faced-down the might of American imperialism. But why did Che's strategy so tragically end in his own death when he tried to export it to other countries? Mike Gonzalez takes a sympathetic but critical look at Che's life and achievements.

PARTITION OF INDIA was the final poisoned gift of the British Raj to the people it had long held in subjection. Sam Ashman reviews the history of the British in India and looks at the social forces, imperial and domestic, which resulted in the division of the country.

THE NAZIS' crimes and their roots in German society are discussed in Henry Maitles's review of Daniel Goldhagen's infamous Hitler's Willing Executioners. John Baxter looks at the politics of science and Dave Renton discloses the history of the Communist Party in wartime.

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