Issue 79 of INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM, quarterly journal of the Socialist Workers Party (Britain) Published July 1998 Copyright International Socialism

Summer 1998


150 YEARS after its first publication there are 14 different editions of The Communist Manifesto now in print in Britain alone. Last year 80,000 copies of just one of these editions were sold. In an extended editorial John Rees examines the revival of interest in Marx among media pundits and academics and assesses what this means for the working class movement. The Manifesto was written during the revolutionary years of the 1840s, and in a major article Lindsey German examines these revolutions and explains the Manifesto's continuing relevance for understanding and changing the world today. Judy Cox introduces Marx's concept of alienation, looking at the material basis for the dominance of ruling class ideas and how they can be undermined. Another central aspect of Marx's work was his explanation of why economic crises are endemic in capitalism. Judith Orr reviews a new account of this analysis and this quarter's Bookwatch focuses on Marxism and science with Phil Gasper's comprehensive survey of classic and contemporary books on the subject.

MODERN ART is ridiculed by the tabloids and yet the art world makes millions from it. John Molyneux gives a Marxist analysis of the controversies surrounding modern art in his review of the recent 'Sensation' exhibition at the Royal Academy. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Eisenstein, the acclaimed Russian film maker. Anna Chen puts Eisenstein In perspective examining his innovative techniques and his relationship to revolutionary politics.

A SELECTION of new books which examine the origins of and prospects for New Labour are reviewed by Megan Trudell. In his book review Jonathan Neale explores one legacy of the Vietnam War - the trauma experienced by US veterans.

Editor: John Rees. Assistant editors: Alex Callinicos, Chris Harman, John Molyneux, Lindsey German, Colin Sparks, Mike Gonzalez, Peter Morgan, Mike Haynes, Judy Cox, Megan Trudell, Mark O'Brien and Rob Hoveman.

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