Issue 97 of INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM JOURNAL Published Winter 2002 Copyright © International Socialism

 I N T E R N A T I O N A L 
A quarterly journal of socialist theory


ALEX CALLINICOS analyses the new United States foreign policy. In the recently revealed National Security Strategy document the Bush administration has clearly broken with the pattern of the Cold War era to develop an even more aggressive pursuit of its imperial goals. But what are the strategic and economic motives that are driving this new policy? And does the US have the unparalleled economic strength that can support such a renewed imperial drive? These are issues that it is critical for the anti-war movement to understand.

ANTI-CAPITALISM has given rise to a renewed debate about the future of the left. The rightward shift of Labourism has created a political vacuum that the left now has to try and fill. But what kind of socialist organisation is now needed to fulfill this task? Murray Smith and Nick McKerrell have both recently addressed this issue from the standpoint of the Scottish Socialist Party. John Rees acknowledges the success of the SSP, especially in the electoral arena, but responds to their arguments by reasserting the relevance of both the revolutionary party and the tradition of the united front.

GILBERT ACHCAR from the Fourth International provides a controversial analysis of the drive to war and the response of socialists by looking back to the debates of the Second International and the writings of Frederick Engels.

BOOK REVIEWS include Dave Crouch on Boris Kagarlitsky's assessment of the movement in Russia today, and Sheila McGregor on three very different analyses of the Russian Revolution and its results.

Editor: John Rees. Assistant editors: Alex Callinicos, Chris Harman, John Molyneux, Lindsey German, Colin Sparks, Mike Gonzalez, Peter Morgan, Jim Wolfreys, Mike Haynes, Judy Cox, Sally Campbell, Megan Trudell, Mark O'Brien, Michael Lavalette, Sam Ashman and Rob Hoveman.

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