Issue 193 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published January 1996 Copyright Socialist Review

France's red hot winter

France's red hot winter

France has seen its biggest social upheaval for nearly 30 years. Mass demonstrations and strikes brought city after city to a standstill.

The French government was forced to make major concessions, especially to striking railway workers.

The struggles have raised echoes of the great movements of 1936 and 1968 and have placed the power of the working class firmly back on the agenda. Yet the coverage they have received in Britain has both played down the movement and stressed that it could not happen here. Socialist Review devotes much of this issue to the recent French events. We look at the reasons for the revolt, its strengths and limitations and argue that the same potential for struggle exists in every town in Britain.

Compiled by Lindsey German, Gareth Jenkins, Judith Orr, Peter Morgan, John Burton and Paul McGarr. Photos: Mark Campbell

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