Issue 197 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published May 1996 Copyright Socialist Review


Notes of the month
Editorial, taxes, South Africa, Auschwitz visit, union laws


When peace means war
The bombing of Lebanon by Israel marks a new crisis in the Middle East. John Rose gives his impressions of the situation after a recent visit to Israel

Carving up the profits
The BSE scandal has highlighted the unknown dangers in the food we eat. Peter Morgan explains that the search for profit overrides all other concerns in the food business

The empire state
Dave Crouch looks at the problems for the Russian ruling class in the run up to the elections there

Nine days in May
70 years after the general strike Judith Orr describes the events and with Sean Vernell interviews labour historian Eddie Frow, who was active in the strike

No place like home
Chris Harman looks at a new book which challenges the notion that today's global capitalists can move their assets around the world at will

The Sun worshippers
Was it the Sun wot won it? Chris Nineham investigates the influence of the media on voting


Letter from the US
My favourite books: Jeremy Seabrook
Stack on the back

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