Issue 198 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published June 1996 Copyright Socialist Review


Notes of the Month
Editorial, Europe, BSE crisis, Italy, behind bars, postal workers, Labour divisions


Education:Turning the tables - 1
Education:Turning the tables - 2
The chaos that is the education system under the Tories is examined by Jane Elderton while John Lockwood looks at how the special needs of some children can be addressed

Do women want to stay at home?
Lindsey German argues that recent headlines about the role of women in the workforce do not reflect the reality

A Farewell to arms
Protecting jobs means defending the arms trade-Gareth Jenkins disagrees

A place at the table?
A new book shows that Major had to be dragged into the peace process in Ireland. Martin Valentine explains as he looks at the prospects for this month's talks


Thinking it through
Letter from the US
Revolutioary pamphlets-The State and Revolution
My favourite books:Yunis Bahksh



Stack on the back

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