Issue 201 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published October 1996 Copyright Socialist Review


Notes of the month
Editorial, US Imperialism, Kurds, Bosnia


Collision course?
As Labour heads for confrontation with the unions, Lindsey German, Robert Jackson and Gareth Jenkins analyse what's going on and Scott Sutherland describes an evening with Tony Blair

The Big Fellow
Judith Orr looks at the subject of a new film, the Irish Republican leader Michael Collins

An inspector calls
Loaded dice
The lowdown on what's happening in education from an Ofsted inspector, while Chanie Rosenberg examines school league tables

New Statesman, Decline and Fall
Paul Foot on what's wrong with the new New Statesman

High hopes
Tower blocks should not be scapegoated for the failings of public housing policy, says Alan Gibson


Thinking it through
Letter from the US
Revolutionary pamphlets: The Mass Strike
Why I became a socialist: Frank Henderson
The big picture: The Leopard
Stack on the back

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