Issue 203 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published December 1996 Copyright Socialist Review


Notes of the month
Editorial, Chris Brand, refugees, university strikes, BBC, corruption, museum charges


The time bandits - 1
The time bandits - 2
The pressure to make us work harder is as old as capitalism. Lindsey German looks at the fight for shorter hours while Pete Morgan shows Britain has the longest working hours in Europe

Blood money
Charlie Kimber on the roots of the horror in Zaire

The man who turned his back on Labour
Dave Renton describes the life of Ramsay MacDonald, and draws lessons for today

The price of partition
Review by Chris Bambery of a new book on Ireland's history and of the film Michael Collins


Letter from the US
Thinking it through
Writers reviewed: William Boyd
Why I became a socialist: Jo Benefield
The big picture: Alien3
Stack on the back

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