Issue 204 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published January 1997 Copyright Socialist Review


Notes of the month
Editorial, aid and arms, private finance, transport, social attitudes, Ireland


The block to a bosses' Europe - 1
The block to a bosses' Europe - 2
Judith Orr looks at workers revolt against repeated attacks while Gareth Jenkins explains the history behind European union

Defying the dictators
The reform that failed
Charlie Kimber examines the protests in Serbia while Dave Crouch looks back ten years to the start of 'glastnost' and 'perestroika' in Russia

Artisan of history
An obituary of Raphael Samuel by Keith Flett

Modern rebel - Pablo Picasso
Chris Nineham on the life and art of Picasso

The human touch
John Parrington looks at the history of what makes us human

Storm in a port
Helen Shooter interviews Michael Lavalette, one of the authors of a new book on the Liverpool dockers strike


Thinking it through
Letter from the US
Writers reviewed: Primo Levi
Why I became a socialist: Michael Rosen
The big picture: Glory
Stack on the back

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