Issue 205 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published February 1997 Copyright Socialist Review


Notes of the month
Editorial, Police Bill, Korea, domestic work, drugs, Peru


Driven by profits
Ralph Darlington looks at the most recent attack by Ford on its workers in Halewood and examines the history of the plant

Does Labour's left have an alternative?
We talk to Labour and union activists about the future under a Labour government, and assess some past experience

'One damn thing after another'
John Rees looks at a new history series and argues that the obsession with dry facts is at the expense of understanding why events happened

The last emperor
Russia's last tsar was overthrown by revolution. His sorry record is examined by Pat Stack


Thinking it through
Letter from the US
Writers reviewed: E Annie Proulx
Why I became ````a socialist: Eamonn McCann
The big picture: Citizen Kane
Stack on the back

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