Issue 206 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published March 1997 Copyright Socialist Review


Notes of the month
Editorial, Rail privatisation, France, Liverpool dockers, Refugees, Albanian interview

Deng Xiaoping obituary


Arising from the ashes
Andreja Zivkovic looks at the class struggles in the Balkans and the prospects for change

Working mothers: the double shift
The reality about women workers and family life revealed by Judith Orr

Where does political power lie?
Alex Callinicos argues that the separation between politics and economics inside capitalist society is a key division to overcome

The red professors
Socialist scientists in the 1930s examined by John Parrington

Letter from South Korea
A South Korean socialist analyses the recent mass strikes


Thinking it through: eastern Europe
Letter from the US
Writers reviewed:Naguib Mahfouz
Why I became a socialist: Steve Platt
The big picture: Billy Liar
Stack on the back

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