Issue 208 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published May 1997 Copyright Socialist Review



Time for real change
Lindsey German looks at what we can expect from Blair

It's been a long time coming
Paul Foot on why Labour won

The squeeze has got to stop
Labour's plans for public spending by Pete Morgan

Who benefits?
Sabby Sagall looks at whether the new Labour government will do anything about inequality

Learning difficulties
Gareth Jenkins on Labour's education promises

Day of reckoning
Gareth Jenkins argues that Europe was not an issue in deciding the election

Time for the union dues
Dave Beecham examines the unions following the election

Northern lights shine red
Chris Bambery looks at a Scotland free of Tory MPs

Margot Hill asks if Labour is serious about helping low paid families

Soundbites back
A look back at some pre-election words of wisdom


State of dreams
Alex Callinicos reviews The State to Come, by Will Hutton

New Labour, New Zealand
Andrew Geddis and Grant Morgan analyse the experience of New Zealand under its fourth Labour governmen

France: struggle gains currency
Peter Morgan and Lindsey German look at the movement against Le Pen and the rising level of strikes in France

Satires on the system
Tim Sanders looks at the art and politics of George Grosz

Sash and burn
The rise of religious bigotry in Northern Ireland and the alternatives to it examined by Judith Orr

20th century revolutionary
An obituary of the American socialist Carl Cowl by Sabby Sagall


Thinking it through: new generation of struggle
Letter from the US
Writers reviewed: John Fowles
Why I remain a socialist:John Fowles
The big picture: Blade Runner
Stack on the back

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