Issue 208 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published May 1997 Copyright Socialist Review

Election special: Soundbites back

'Let us spell out the basic, awful, but inescapable assumptions. Labour is extremely unlikely ever to govern alone again.'
Stephen Howe, New Statesman, 17 April 1992

'If Labour cannot win when the country is in the deepest recession since the war and the Tories have ditched their greatest electoral asset, can it have any hope of ever again forming a government?'
Stuart Hall, New Statesman, 17 April 1992

'I haven't the faintest idea. I think Labour are going to win, but it's very difficult to call.'
Geoff Mulgan, director of the Demos think-tank, Observer, 23 March 1997

'The Conservatives are going to win by a slim overall majority of around eight. The key thing that will get them back will be John Major.'
Chris Moncrieff, Press Association veteran political commentator, Observer, 23 March 1997

'Every politician, aide, strategist and almost every commentator is certain that the polls will be proved wrong in three weeks time... It will certainly be an irony if the British people turn out to have more confidence in Labour than Labour has ever had in the British people.'
Martin Kettle, Guardian, 8 April 1997

'A little old lady came up and said, "Mr Prescott, I am going to vote socialist for the first time in my life". "Sorry love," he replied, long pause. "We're New Labour."'
John Prescott, Guardian, 16 April 1997

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