Issue 210 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published July/August 1997 Copyright Socialist Review



Editorial, US socialism, Canadian and Irish elections, Jonathan Aitken


Europe: The bosses' fading star?
Kevin Ovenden looks at the growing problems facing our rulers over Europe

Community challenge
As Northern Ireland's marching season gets under way, Goretti Horgan explains what unites Protestant and Catholic workers

Marx in the modern world
Anthony Giddens, author of numerous books on sociology, debates with John Rees about the relevance of Marxism today

Out of their suits, into the streets
The transformation of hospital workers, by Jonathan Neale

Second hand model
The fallacies of labour market flexibility, by Chris Harman

The 100 years war
Lindsey German reviews Sheila Rowbotham's new book

The dream ticket
Sigmund Freud examined by Sabby Sagall


Letter from the US: economics
Writers reviewed: Helen Dunmore
Why I became a socialist: Shirley Winter
The big picture: The Searchers
Stack on the back

Editor Lindsey German. Assisted by Gareth Jenkins, Dave Beecham, Paul Foot, Clare Fermont, Pat Stack, Margot Hill, Sabby Sagall, Judith Orr, Peter Morgan, Dave Renton, John Parrington. Business Peter Morgan and Judith Orr. Reviews Peter Morgan.

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