Issue 216 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published February 1998 Copyright Socialist Review


Editorial, Far East, Algeria, Israel, Ireland, Liverpool dockers


Praying he can get away with it
Who benefits?
The paupers of Europe
Lindsey German looks at Labour's political turmoil over its plans to cut the welfare state, while Peter Morgan and Margot Hill answer questions about what the benefit cuts really mean and Hugh Lowe explains why British pensioners are so poor

Bloody Sunday: time for the truth
It's time for the British government to stop the cover up argues Eamonn McCann

Girls on top?
Recent headlines announced that boys were now behind girls in school exam results. Jeannie Robinson writes that the reality isn't so simple

The Lessing legend
Paul Foot looks at the life, politics and commitment of the novelist Doris Lessing


Thinking it through: privatisation
Letter from the US: native Americans
Why I became a socialist: Eileen McMahon
Stack on the back

Editor Lindsey German. Assisted by Gareth Jenkins, Dave Beecham, Paul Foot, Clare Fermont, Pat Stack, Margot Hill, Sabby Sagall, Judith Orr, Peter Morgan, John Parrington, Anna Chen, Nicolai Gentchev. Business Peter Morgan and Judith Orr. Reviews Peter Morgan.

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