Issue 219 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published May 1998 Copyright Socialist Review


Editorial, Scotland, millennium bomb, Australian dockers, Russia


Capital gains?
As Londoners go to the polls over a new assembly and mayor Peter Morgan argues that the real problems facing the city are not being addressed

Peace of the Union?
Republican rumbles
Does the peace deal signal the end of the Troubles? Chris Bambery reports and we reprint articles on the Republican movement from the Irish Socialist Worker

1968: the year the monolith cracked
Jonathan Neale recalls a year when the protests of workers and students around the world challenged the system East and West

The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust
State of aggression
On the 50th anniversary of the state of Israel, Tony Cliff looks at the roots of Zionism while John Rose charts the history of the Israeli state

Obituary: ruling class fighter
An obituary of the notorious coal boss, lan MacGregor, by Mike Simons


Thinking it through: Out of apathy
Letter from the US: sexual harassment
The big picture: La Grande Illusion
Stack on the back

Editor Lindsey German. Assisted by Gareth Jenkins, Dave Beecham, Paul Foot, Clare Fermont, Pat Stack, Margot Hill, Sabby Sagall, Judith Orr, Peter Morgan, John Parrington, Nicolai Gentchev. Business and reviews Peter Morgan and Judith Orr.

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