Issue 220 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published June 1998 Copyright Socialist Review


Editorial, Stephen Lawrence, Ireland, the debt crisis


Tiger, tiger burning bright
We're in the money
Eye of the storm
Analysis and reports on Indonesia following the fall of Suharto. Lindsey German analyses the movement against him. We look at the role of the IMF in the economic crisis and carry eyewitness reports from the streets of Jakarta

New recruits to the union army
Peter Morgan looks at the drive towards unionisation in workplaces, and the effect of the government's new white paper on rights at work

A tradition of dissent
Noam Chomsky talks to Nicolai Gentchev about politics and protest in the US

Enter stage left
The plays and politics of Bertolt Brecht viewed by Chris Nineham

Poll position
Lindsey German writes on socialists and elections

No fear of contradiction
A new book on Marxist philosophy reviewed by John Molyneux


Thinking it through: Europe and the single currency
Letter from the US: the rich get richer
Stack on the back

Editor Lindsey German. Assisted by Gareth Jenkins, Dave Beecham, Paul Foot, Clare Fermont, Pat Stack, Margot Hill, Sabby Sagall, Judith Orr, Peter Morgan, John Parrington, Nicolai Gentchev and Weyman Bennett. Business and reviews Peter Morgan and Judith Orr.

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