Issue 223 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published October 1998 Copyright Socialist Review

Socialist Review Issue:223


Notes of the month

Editorial, South Korean trials, unions, football

Special feature on the world crisis

The collapse of capitalism?
Peter Morgan answers questions on the current crisis

System failure
Chris Harman explains why these crises are endemic to capitalism

Back to the 1930s?
Lindsey German looks at similarities and differences between the slump of the 1930s and now.

The limits of the market
The Guardian's Larry Elliott and Socialist Worker editor Chris Harman discuss if there are alternatives to the market.

Indonesia: the revolution's next step
An eyewitness account by John Rees

The bear's market
The disaster of the Russian economy by Rob Ferguson

Other features and regulars

Letter from the US: Clinton's real hypocrisy

Of mice and men
John Parrington examines the controversy over genetically modified food.

Reviews: Theatre, Film, Books


Did you see?: A new television column

Red letter days: Asturias, 4 October 1934

Stack on the back

Editor Lindsey German. Assisted by Gareth Jenkins, Dave Beecham, Paul Foot, Clare Fermont, Pat Stack, Sabby Sagall, Judith Orr, Beccy Reese, Peter Morgan, John Parrington, Nicolai Gentchev and Weyman Bennett. Business and reviews Peter Morgan and Beccy Reese.

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