Issue 234 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published October 1999 Copyright Socialist Review



    No way for third way
    Is Germany's Labour government on the rocks, asks Peter Morgan

    The badge of prejudice
    Gareth Jenkins examines Labour's record on racism and immigration

    Between force and freedom
    John Rees interviews four people involved in recent events in Indonesia and East Timor

    The revolution's next step
    Clare Fermont looks at East Timor's impact on the Indonesian Revolution

    Power to the people?
    A new book on south east Asia reviewed by Lindsey German


    Thinking it through
    What now for national liberation struggles, asks Chris Harman
    Letter from the US
    Sharon Smith on changing attitudes in the US
    Red letter days
    The day the Russian working class seized power 25th October 1917
    Stack on the back
    Does Labour have to follow everything the Tories do, asks Pat Stack


Socialist Review Issue:234

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