Issue 235 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published November 1999 Copyright Socialist Review



    Blood on the tracks
    The Paddington rail crash revealed the disaster that privatisation has brought. Peter Morgan investigates

    Men behaving badly?
    Lindsey German reviews Susan Faludi's new book on the nature of masculinity today

    Broken dreams
    Socialists in eastern Europe explain why the 1989 revolutions have not brought hoped for change

    Living in a material world
    Chris Harman's new book on world history is reviewed by John Molyneux

    Reformism western style?
    Alex Callinicos on class struggle in South Korea


    Letter from the US
    Sharon Smith reveals the reality of US prosperity
    Red letter days
    The day the Chartists came to Newport by Phil Knight
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack visits the Tory Party conference fringe


    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Art Mike Gonzalez on salsa, plus two plays on the lost generation
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include locking up the poor and a life of Sylvia Pankhurst


Two new columns this month: In News Review 'The Walrus' will assess what's going on in industry, while in Arts Review, Mike Gonzalez looks at culture

Socialist Review Issue:235

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