Issue 238 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published February 2000 Copyright Socialist Review



    Mind the popularity gap
    Lindsey German examines the crisis that has engulfed the New Labour government
    Peadar O'Grady & Jacqui Pointon: 'labour has let us down'
    Beccy Reese: Labour's ethical policy

    The battles are beginning
    Andy Brown reports on recent events in Ecuador

    The past in the present
    Chilean exile Mario Nain speaks to Beccy Reese on how Pinochet's detention has affected working class politics

    Paradigm lost
    The booming US economy may not be as wonderful as some make out, says Chris Harman

    New partnerships, old priorities
    David McNeill outlines the downside of China's boom

    Never forgive, never forget
    The Holocaust and its war criminals must not be forgotten, Henry Maitles & John Rose

    Welcome to the rip off zone
    Gareth Jenkins takes a trip around the dome


    Letter from the US
    Sharon Smith on US society's inequalities
    Red letter days
    Russia's revolutionary army, by Megan Trudell
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack on Labour and drugs


Socialist Review Issue:238

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