Issue 239 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published March 2000 Copyright Socialist Review





    Labour's favourite union
    Eamonn McCann looks at events in Ireland

    Rotten to the core
    Jim Wolfreys reports on the deepening crisis in France

    Class war from above
    Is fascism on the rise in Europe? Kevin Ovenden analyses Haider's Freedom Party in Austria

    Hitler's willing supporters
    Donny Gluckstein argues that appeasement of fascist parties is nothing new

    'No rich people on death row'
    Rage Against the Machine and Asian Dub Foundation interview by Robyn Mills and Martin Smith

    Voice of the voiceless
    Alex Callinicos pays tribute to Geoffrey de Ste Croix

    Sponsor or be damned
    The history of the Royal Court Theatre by Patrick Connellan



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