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    New Labour: the end of the affair
    Lindsey German on why New Labour's mess over London mayor marks a turning point for the left

    Stolen from the members
    Activists speak to Peter Morgan on why they are deserting the Labour Party

    A year on: the war that won't go away
    Campaigners against the Balkan war give their views

    Iron fist in a velvet glove
    Mike Marqusee speaks to Unjum Mirza about Pakistan after the coup

    Showdown in Tehran?
    Can the new Iranian government deliver? Sam Ashman reports


    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman asks, are the dot.coms the way ahead?
    Letter from the US
    Sharon Smith on growing resistance among US workers
    Red letter days
    The Spithead Mutiny 16 April 1797, by John Molyneux
    Stack on the back
    New Labour concedes to the Unionists again, says Pat Stack


    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Art: Mike Gonzalez on music and the memory of struggle, plus films on boxing, gangsters and Jane Austen
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Tony Cliff's autobiography and a new book on rape


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