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    Shock waves for New Labour
    Defeat for Blair in the London mayoral election will increase his crisis, says Chris Bambery

    Tribune of the people
    Journalist of the decade Paul Foot talks to Judy Cox on politics and the press

    The outcasts of Europe
    The truth about Roma Gypsies, by Mike Haynes

    Special feature
    An appreciation of the life of the revolutionary Tony Cliff

    When unity is strength
    The united front and the fight for socialism, by Sabby Sagall

    Transformation time
    Charlie Kimber looks at the growing turmoil in Zimbabwe


    Letter from the US
    New York's police continue their racist shooting spree, writes Sharon Smith
    Red letter days
    The birth of Karl Marx, by Keith Flett
    Stack on the back
    Will Frank Dobson challenge the racist nature of the police? Pat Stack thinks not


    Arts Review
    Cradle Will Rock, reviewed by Lindsey German, plus the National Theatre's latest release, The Villain's Opera reviewed by Dave Beecham, and more
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Tariq Ali on the Balkan War, plus China Miéville's acclaimed sci-fi novel


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