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    Palestine's new uprising
    John Rose and Henry Maitles on the breakdown of the Middle East peace process

    Serbia erupts in revolution
    Dragan Plavsic and Andreja Zivkovic on the overthrow of Milosevic, plus Lindsey German looks at what next for the revolution

    Anarchy in the UK
    There are fundemental differences between the politics of anarchism and Marxism, as Pat Stack explains

    Just a case of bad intentions?
    Alex Callinicos reviews Ian Kershaw's new book on Hitler


    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman on difficult questions
    Red letter days
    The life and politics of Eugene Debs born 5 November 1855
    Stack on the back
    The spooks are after us, says Pat Stack


    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Exhibition, Art Goya in Bordeaux, plus the latest productions from the National Theatre
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Jonathan Neale's new book on Vietnam, plus a book on John Lennon


Socialist Review Issue:246

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