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    Democracy in America?
    Class, racism and corruption in the presidential campaign, by Lindsey German and Sam Ashman

    Peculiarly British disasters
    The consequences of privatisation, by Peter Morgan

    The year resistance went global
    Karen O'Toole reviews the highlights of the year

    Revolution? You must be crazy!
    Ian Birchall looks at what makes a revolution

    Northern Soul
    Screenwriter Lee Hall talks about his hit film, Billy Elliot to Ian Mitchell

    Scandals, sexism and science
    Books for Xmas


    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman asks, was Hitler unique?
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack looks at contenders for the Xmas number one


    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Art The art and politics of William Blake, plus the new production by Theatre de Complicité
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Paul Foot's new collection, plus Edward Said's book on the Intifada


Socialist Review Issue:247

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