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    Old wine in new bottles
    Chris Harman on the anti-capitalist movement

    Manufacturing a crisis
    The decline of manufacturing by Lindsey German

    Dim and dimmer
    What's wrong with privatisation by Peter Morgan

    Voices from Labour's heartlands
    Activists speak out to Judy Cox

    Spin doctors need miracles
    The latest attitudes survey reviewed by Julie Waterson

    Leninism in the 21st century
    Chris Bambery argues why Lenin's ideas are essential for today

    When the heat is on
    Judith Orr on who is to blame for the environment's problems

    A part of Labour's history
    Obituary of Caroline Benn by Lindsey German

    The sky's the limit
    A defence of council housing by Mark Weeks

    Come all you young rebels
    A new programme on Ireland's history reviewed by Paul Foot



Socialist Review Issue:248

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