Issue 254 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published July 2001 Copyright Socialist Review





    The left and the landslide
    John Rees assesses Tony Blair's shallow victory and the vote for socialists, Julie Waterson on the BNP results at Oldham. Goretti Horgan looks at the results in Ireland and Chris Bambery at the results in Scotland.

    'Resistance is winning'
    Karen O'Toole talks to John Pilger about the WTO, plus Solomon Hughes looks at opposition to Gats, and Dave Waller reports on the campaign against incinerator waste

    The sword and the shield
    Yuri Prasad sees the dangers in George Bush's Star Wars project

    The toxic Texan
    Bush's first six months in office shows his links to big business, says Brian Campbell

    A vision for victory
    Extracts from a new book on Anti-capitalism

    On the edge of the abyss
    Alexis Wearmouth on instability in Indonesia, plus interviews with Indonesian trade unionists


    The Walrus
    The Walrus explains New Labour's privatisation plans
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack receives postcards from some unlikely sources


    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Exhibition, Art Mike Gonzalez on reality television, plus a new film about Bertolt Brecht
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include ...Fast Food Nation, new books on art, and a novel on Leon Trotsky


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