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    Why we say no to war
    Lindsey German on why we say no to war

    The power to wage war forever?
    Mike Davis on Bush's war at home

    In the line of fire
    Afghanistan under attack by Clare Fermont

    States of uncertainty
    Tariq Ali on the growing instability in Pakistan

    Dangerous liaisons
    The latest Israeli offensive by John Rose

    A war of civilisations
    What's wrong with Samuel P Huntington by Mike Haynes

    Caught in the camp
    Mark Brown visits Sangatte

    No shelter in the storm
    Gareth Jenkins on where the refugees are from

    Welcomes or witch hunts
    The history of immigration into Britain by Martin Upchurch


    The Walrus
    What Blair didn't tell the TUC, The Walrus
    Thinking it through
    Splits at the top by Chris Harman
    Stack on the back
    Bush, Blair and hypocrisy by Pat Stack


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