Issue 257 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published November 2001 Copyright © Socialist Review




    The disasters of war
    Alex Callinicos on the problems facing Bush and Blair

    The truth machine
    Dissent against the war is crucial, says Paul Foot

    Contempt of court
    Dragan Plavsic on the limits of the UN

    Islam: force for change?
    Phil Marfleet on the appeal and limits of Islam

    An attack on all fronts
    Statement against the war by British socialists

    Not in our name
    Roundup of anti-war activity

    In the name of civilisation
    Clare Fermont on the clampdown on civil liberties

    Spreading the spores of war
    The history of US intervention, by Dave Beecham

    The Walrus
    Walrus looks at the disaster of privatisation
    Thinking it through
    The anti-capitalists are now anti-war, says Chris Harman
    Stack on the back
    Trimble's causing trouble again, says Pat Stack

    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, War, Art Television, film and exhibition reviews take up the theme of war
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include ...Star Wars, United Irishmen, plus the latest novel from Doris Lessing


Socialist Review Issue:257

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