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    Tales from the tabloids
    Peter Morgan assesses press reporting on the war

    The limits of US power
    The strengths and weaknesses of US imperialism by Mike Haynes

    Loss of authority
    Ann Alexander writes about the opposition to Yasser Arafat

    The party's just begun
    Paul Foot argues for collective organisation

    Black and White lies
    Hassan Mahamdallie and Mike Gonzalez look at 'Britishness'

    Several time bombs
    Leo Zeilig interviews Nigerian socialist Femi Aborisade

    Cloning maketh the man?
    John Parrington examines the human cloning controversy

    Middle Earth meets Middle England
    China Miéville on JRR Tolkien

    All in the family
    David McNiell looks at Japan's imperial dynasty

    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman on the anti-war movement in France
    The Walrus
    Examines the collapse of Enron: Walrus
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack recalls an old adversary


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