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    United we stand?
    Chris Bambery and Greg Tucker on the growing divisions between New Labour and the unions

    1972: a great year for the workers
    We reprint an article by Tony Cliff on the workers' movement in Britain

    Byers and sellers
    The chaos on the railways, by Judith Orr and Gareth Jenkins

    Voice of the silent majority
    Edward Said looks at the current situation in Palestine

    Taste of our power
    The uprising in Argentina, by Chris Harman

    In the name of civilisation?
    The campaign against the war goes on, says Andrew Murray

    The valley of sorrow
    The conflict in Kashmir, by Sam Ashman

    A man of distinction
    Pierre Bourdieu obituary, by Alex Callinicos

    The Walrus
    The power of the rail unions by the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack on human rights in Camp X-Ray


Socialist Review Issue:260

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