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    War without end?
    Chris Nineham and Tim Webb on Bush and Blair's next target

    Dirty business
    Paul Foot looks at the latest cash for favours scandal

    Choice over the future
    Sinead Kennedy reports from Ireland on the forthcoming referendum on abortion

    Top of the pops?
    The Andy Warhol exhibition reviewed by John Molyneux

    States of revolt
    Mike Gonzalez reports on the growing instability in Latin America

    A second cry for freedom
    Basker Vashee on the Zimbabwean election

    The Walrus
    New Labours privatisation disaster, by the Walrus
    Thinking it through
    The recession continues, says Chris Harman
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack sheds no tears over the latest death of a princess

    Arts Review
    Exhibition, Film, Theatre, Art: Paul Klee at the Hayward Gallery, plus the RSC production of Julius Caesar, and The Shipping News
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Paul Ginsberg's latest book on Italy, plus France during the occupation


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