Issue 262 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published April 2002 Copyright © Socialist Review




    The fight against capital and war
    John Rees on anti-capitalism

    Shaking Labour to its core
    Interview with George Galloway by Peter Morgan

    Losing the appetite for war
    Unrest grows in the Middle East, Simon Assaf

    Unity in diversity
    Alex Callinicos looks at the party and the united front

    'Parrots have never made a revolution'
    Tony Cliff's writings reviewed by Ian Birchall

    Funds for the future
    Martin Smith on the political fund

    Great and glorious days
    Mike Davis on America today

    It's the government, stupid
    Dissent grows in the US, as described by Mike Moore

    Singing for the common folk
    Obituary of Hamish Henderson by Jimmy Ross


    Arts Review
    Film, Theatre, Opera, Art Studs Terkel, The York Realist and Werner Herzog's The Invincible
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include ...Tariq Ali's new book, plus Michael Moore's Stupid White Men


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