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    How we beat the bankers
    Labour's council housing defeat, by the Birmingham Defend Council Housing Campaign

    Victory to the intifada
    Protests grow in the Middle East, says Simon Assaf

    A fistful of dollars
    The Israeli arms industry, by Solomon Hughes

    Letter to a war criminal
    by Neve Gordon

    The Oslo frauds
    A shoddy deal for the Palestinians, says Sabby Sagall

    Zionism or Socialism?
    Peace is possible in the Middle East, says John Rose

    Swimming with the tide of revolt
    Chris Harman reports on the Argentina crisis

    'We can't turn back now'
    Tom Behan reports from Italy

    Mekin sense outta nansense
    Linton Kwesi Johnson interviewed by Yuri Prasad

    Festival for the workers
    The history of May Day revolts, by Keith Flett



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