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    The dance of death
    Praful Bidwai on the India and Pakistan conflict

    Right turn or revolt?
    Polarisation in Europe, by Kevin Ovenden

    Designed to deceive
    Chris Bambery on fascism

    The agents of change
    The European Social Forum, by Luciano Muhlbauer

    Red Barbara's rocky road
    Barbara Castle obituary, by Paul Foot

    No future in England's dream
    When punk spoiled the jubilee, by Martin Smith

    The houser of horrors
    Ian Birchall on the monarchy

    The measure of a man
    Stephen Jay Gould remembered by Steven Rose

    The light on the horizon
    Nawal El Saadawi interviewed by Wael Fateen

    State of denial
    Sabby Sagall on discrimination against the Palestinians

    Thinking it through
    The French elections, Chris Harman
    The Walrus
    Union leadership contest by the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    New Labour gives in to the racists, says Pat Stack


Socialist Review Issue:264

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