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    Merchants of death
    Mike Marqusee on threats of war between india and Pakistan

    Dinosaurs have some backbone
    Trade Unionists are fighting back says Martin Smith

    'A voice for the exploited'
    Brian Manning's obituary of Rodney Hilton

    Women: give us a break
    The fight for women's liberatin today Lindsey German

    The Jewish Question
    Sabby Sagall on anti-Semitism and Zionism

    It's not just cricket
    Sport and nationalism by Jo Cardwell

    Thinking it through
    Class divisions in Cuba by Chris Harman
    The Walrus
    Description says the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    Reality TV by Pat Stack

    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Exhibition, Art Mike Gonzalez on the World Cup, plus Paul Foot on Shakespeare and memories of Genoa
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Shelley's Ireland, Mike Haynes' new book on Russia plus Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich


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