Issue 266 of SOCIALIST REVIEW Published September 2002 Copyright © Socialist Review




    Bush and Blair's war plans
    Lindsey German on the problems for the hawks

    The recession strikes back
    Chris Harman analyses the downturn that won't go away

    Liberty up against the law
    Labour's attacks on human rights by Dragan Plavsic

    The gene machine
    Former Genome Project mapping director Sir John Sulston interviewed by John Parrington

    One hand on the till
    Solomon Hughes on the scandal of private pensions

    Bottom of the class
    New Labour is ruled by the market, says Nick Grant

    Solidarity forever
    Sabby Sagall celebrates British working class internationalism

    The Walrus
    Why the union right wing keep losing elections by the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack on why some in football are as sick as parrots

    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Art Mike Gonzalez on holidays, plus Tom Stoppard's theatrical trilogy, the Edinburgh Festival, and Sam Mendes's new film Road to Perdition
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Six Days of War, Michael Rosen on Alan Gibbons's new book The Edge, and the strange case of Aldo Moro


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