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    Time to take sides
    The firefighters have turned up the heat on New Labour, writes Lindsey German

    A forum for the future
    The ESF was a massive success. Mike Gonzalez explains why

    On the eagle's wing
    Mark Thomas explores the changing strategy of British imperialism

    Weapons of deception
    The threat of Israel and the US, by Sabby Sagall

    The new scramble for Africa
    Charlie Kimber on the possible future role of oil in West Africa

    'Rather you than me'
    Mike Rosen interviewed by Peter Morgan

    Stocking thrillers
    A selection of books to catch up on this holiday chosen by Socialist Review writers


    Arts Review
    Film, Exhibition, Theatre, Art Mike Gonzalez on Byron, the London Film Festival and the Aztecs exhibition
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Peter Ackroyd's Albion, a biography of Milosevic, and Marx and Engel's collected works.


Socialist Review Issue:269

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