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    War: The global opposition
    Protest spreads worldwide introduced by Lindsey German

    Nato's sea of troubles
    Dragan Plavsic on the west's imperialist aims

    We are all subversives
    The Italian movement faces down repression, by Tom Behan

    Anger and the anguish
    Kevin Ovenden on Germany

    Value for money?
    Tensions grow between the unions and New Labour, reports Rob Hoveman

    The Clash of civilisations
    A tribute to Joe Strummer, by John Rees

    The rich striking oil
    Venezuela protests explained, by Chris Harman

    Bloody Streets of New York
    Mike Davis on the latest Martin Scorsese film

    And justice for all?
    Obituary of John Rawls by Alex Callinicos

    Thinking it through
    Union leaders and the rank and file, by Chris Harman
    The Walrus
    Privatisation and the FBU by the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    Prospects for 2003, by Pat Stack

    Arts Review
    Film, DVD, Theatre, Art: Polanski's The Pianist, Metropolis on DVD, and King Hedley II
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include ...the latest British Social Attitudes survey, plus Mike Rosen's poems and Donna Tartt's new novel


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