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    Facing down the evil empire
    Mike Haynes analyses the systematic roots of war

    'A party I am beginning to despise'
    Labourt activists speak out to Peter Morgan

    Reason to be fearful
    Andrew Stone counters the arguments of the hawks

    Bush's ultimate Thule?
    Mike Davis on Greenland's anti-war movement

    Capital and conquest
    Chris Bambery takes issue with a rose-tinted history of Empire

    Oil and the intifada
    This conflict is also about Saudi Arabia, argues Sabby Sagall

    Let my brothers go
    Three Irish Republicans are framed for 'terrorism', says Johnny Connolly

    'Fighting for tomorrow'
    George Gomez interviewed by Joseph Choonara

    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman on London's congestion charge
    The Walrus
    The common demominator in failed services is privatisation says the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    Songs don't kill people--guns do, writes Pat Stack


Socialist Review Issue:271

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