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    Millions say no to war
    What next for the anti-war movement, by Lindsey German

    State of discontent
    Alex Callinicos on strategies for overthrowing capitalism

    Assembling our forces
    Mike Gonzalez experiences some real democracy in action

    Bombs away
    The importance of Britain to the US war machine, by Andy Newman

    Shock and awe
    It's 'just in time' US military style, by Mike Davis

    Turning point in history
    Brian Manning pays tribute to Christopher Hill

    Left pole of attraction
    Chris Harman on polarisation today

    Beating the bigots
    The Nazis can be stopped, argues Julie Waterson

    We're only asking for the world
    An anti-capitalist manifesto reviewed, by Ian Birchall

    Thinking it through
    Description Chris Harman
    The Walrus
    Description says the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    There's more lies from Bush and Blair, says Pat Stack

    Arts Review
    Film, War, DVD, Theatre, Art John Newsinger on the history of war films, plus a new film about Frida Kahlo
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include Refugees, censorship and British intervention in Greece


Socialist Review Issue:272

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