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    World erupts against US terror
    The upheaval against war in the Middle East by Anne Ashford

    War under attack
    Alex Callinicos on strategies against the system

    Making democracy safe
    Sabby Sagall on how the US defends its interests

    Promises, promises
    Disasters in the Balkans and Afghanistan, by Dragan Plavsic

    Born unfree and unequal
    Paul Foot on inequality

    People power
    This is what democracy looks like, by Ian Birchall

    Rewriting the script
    Stephen Philip looks at what's happening in Hollywood

    Permanent legacy
    Obituary of Mike Kidron by Chris Harman

    Privatising the privates
    Solomon Hughes on New Labour's latest sell-off
    Thinking it through
    The stakes are high in Iraq ,says Chris Harman
    Stack on the back
    Bush and Blair are up to some dirty tricks, says Pat Stack


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