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    The conquest of Iraq
    John Rees examines the fallout of the Iraq war

    Only the beginning
    Problems are mounting for the US says Chris Harman

    Remaking the Middle East
    Imperialism's bloody history in the region by Anne Ashford

    A new left is born
    Opposition to the Iraq war awoke the Arab street, says Simon Assaf

    What was it good for?
    Andrew Stone exposes the lies behind the last three wars

    How it would feel to be free
    Obituary if Nina Simone by Mike Hobart

    The guilty men
    Chris Bambery on imperialism and the Second World War

    The Walrus
    There are huge profits to be made from the war says the Walrus
    Cultural currents
    Mike Gonzalez on memory and justice
    Stack on the back
    They call it liberation but Pat Stack is not convinced

    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Exhibition: Sebastiao Salgado's exhibition, Art Deco plus the X-Men Sequel
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include a short story collection from Edward Upward, plus two books by Noam Chomsky


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