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    Young, gifted and back
    Rob Hoveman examines the opportunities for the left

    Electing to fight
    Round-up of the local election results

    Proud to be awkward
    Martin Smith assesses the state of the trade union movement

    A war with no end in sight
    Iraqi activists speak out against occupation

    Shooting the truth
    Bryan Masters pays tribute to camerman James Miller

    Revolt on the Nile
    Phil Marshall looks at the anti-war movement in Egypt

    Haven in a heartless world
    Extract from Tony Cliff's selected works

    Lions and jackals
    Lindsey German reviews the re-released film The Leopard

    The Walrus
    New Labour and the trade unions by the Walrus
    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman looks at the Argentinian election
    Stack on the back
    The murky world of the secret services, by Pat Stack

    Arts Review
    Film, Theatre, Art: The Matrix Reloaded, Henry V at the National and Jerry Springer: The Opera
    Books Review
    Books reviewed The new release from Eric Schlosser, plus the Enron scandal and socialist poetry


Socialist Review Issue:275

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