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    Blood, oil and lies
    Leading activists debate how we can end the occupation of Iraq

    Global warming
    Europe's heatwave death toll was anything but 'natural' argues Mike Davis

    The cost of living
    Chris Nineham uncovers the divisions tearing the WTO apart

    All that jazz
    John Coltrane's music was shaped by the civil rights movement, writes Martin Smith

    No home but the struggle
    Gareth Jenkins celebrates the life of novelist Edward Upward

    Unholy alliance
    Brazilian socialist MP Luciana Genro talks to Raúl Zibechi about the fight against neoliberalism

    Behind Byron's bear
    Mark Steel talks about his new TV series to Pat Stack

    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman argues that how we define neoliberalism is crucial to how we fight back
    The Walrus
    Why Blair's administration is in terminal decline explains the Walrus
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack, he's football crazy...

    Arts Review
    Theatre, Film, Exhibition, Art David Blaine, Tariq Ali's new play, Ned Kelly on the big screen
    Books Review
    Books reviewed include ...A Rwandan love story, anti-war books roundup, GM foods and Julius Caesar


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