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    The forces of change
    John Rees analyses this crucial moment for the movement

    The only way to win
    The Walrus explains why strikes are still our key weapon

    Growing pains
    Chris Nineham examines the debates around the ESF

    A grand delusion
    Capitalism and democracy don't mix, argues Paul Foot

    20 reasons to stop Bush
    The sins of the Toxic Texan, by Andrew Stone

    Wall crimes
    Palestinian liberation and Israel, by Sabby Sagall

    Not a very bright idea
    Nick Youngman on privatisation and the power crisis

    A culture of resistance
    Edward Said remembered by John Rose

    Thinking it through
    Reclaiming the Labour Party has never appealed to Chris Harman
    Letter from the US
    Mike Davis exposes the forces behind Arnie's campaign
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack reckons the US has a lot to answer for--but then, who doesn't?


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